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Easter Bunny Bingo: Jesus, Resurrection, & Peeps!
Premieres at the Royal George Theatre
For the 2020 Lenten Season
March 13 through April 12, 2020


Is it a sin to answer your cell phone during Mass?

Can you text your confession to your priest?

Is it a sin to eat meat on a Friday during Lent?

You’ll learn the answers to these and more in the world premiere of Vicki Quade’s newest comedy, Easter Bunny Bingo: Jesus, Resurrection, & Peeps!, opening March 13, just in time for the Easter season, at the Royal George Theatre, Chicago.

The premise is that Mrs. Mary Margaret O’Brien, a former nun, is here tonight to play bingo and talk about Easter traditions, why Easter is never on the same day, the history of no-meat Fridays, why we either love or hate Peeps, Easter movies, and much more!

It’s a crazy night of Easter trivia, audience interaction, and a wacky contest to figure out Sin? Or Not a Sin? Add to that a box of wacky prizes, some Easter candy, fun bingo cards, and a lot of Catholic humor for a night of entertainment you’ll never forget. And in this interactive bingo show, you’ll actually play bingo. What could be more fun?! You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have to be careful watching your bingo cards!

Sharing the role of Mrs. O’Brien on stage will be the show’s creator, Vicki Quade, and veteran Chicago comedy actress Kathleen Puls Andrade.

Easter Bunny Bingo is the next installment in Quade’s bingo series, which also includes the long-running hits Bible Bingo, Christmas Bingo, and the Halloween comedy, Holy Ghost Bingo. She is also the co-creator of the long-running hit comedy, Late Nite Catechism, and a host of other religious comedies.

“As the creator of Late Nite Catechism, Vicki Quade knows a thing or two about what makes a one-person show successful,” says Pioneer Press, Chicago.

Easter Bunny Bingo will run for five weeks only during the Lenten season, starting Friday, March 13, through Sunday, April 12. Show times are Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m., Sundays at 2 p.m. All performances are at the Royal George Theatre, 1641 N. Halsted, Chicago.

Ticket prices are $30, group rates available. For tickets, call the box office at 312-988-9000.

You don’t have to be Catholic to enjoy these shows. But it pays to love bingo!

Go ahead…. resurrect your social life in this guaranteed night of divine entertainment!
More fun than Sodom and Gomorrah!!
So much fun, you’ll have to confess it!!!