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Nuns4Fun Returns to Guam

With the Interactive Comedy

Saints & Sinner Bingo

Creating Loads of Heavenly Laughter


 After doing two sold-out performances of her hit comedy, Bible Bingo, as a special fundraiser for the Academy of Our Lady of Guam last March, playwright/performer Vicki Quade was immediately asked back.

The co-creator of the international hit comedy, Late Nite Catechism, Quade returns to Guam in October for three performances of her interactive show, Saints & Sinners Bingo. Proceeds will benefit the Academy of Our Lady of Guam and the Mercy Nuns of Guam. Performances are October  20, 21, and 23 at the Sister Roberta Center, Oka, Tamuning.

The latest in her series of bingo comedies, Saints & Sinners Bingo features the character Mrs. Mary Margaret O’Brien, a former nun, who runs the bingo fundraising department for the local archdiocese.

In this new show, the economy is tough, donations are down, and someone has to save the parish! In Saints & Sinners Bingo, the audience becomes a fundraising committee for a parish so financially strapped that the parish is down to six deadly sins.

The clever idea: a calendar of famous saints and notorious sinners.

Billy Joel famously sang: “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun.”

During the show, the audience chooses which saints and which sinners should go on the calendar. St. Valentine looks good, Judas is out. Some of the months are already taken with Christmas, Easter, and the May Queen. After going through the months, seven are left that need either saints or sinners.

To get there, the audience plays seven games of bingo, and the winner of each game gets to vote on who is getting on the calendar.

“This is an interactive bingo game with a lot of fun and quirky prizes,” says Shaw Publications.

“As the creator of the famous Late Nite Catechism, Vicki Quade knows a thing or two about what makes a one-person show successful,” says the Pioneer Press, Chicago.

Quade has created several religious comedies through her company, Nuns4Fun Entertainment, and performs regularly at the Royal George Theatre in Chicago, where Late Nite Catechism and Bible Bingo can be seen every weekend. For the holiday season, Christmas Bingo, will be on the schedule. Her shows have also used throughout the U.S. and Canada for fundraisers.

In addition, Quade has used her shows to raise awareness about the plight of retired nuns, donating more than $3 million to various orders throughout the U.S. Funds raised during her appearance in Guam will benefit the retirement fund for the Mercy Nuns of Guam.

“Full of laughs…You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate the show,” says Dining

Add to that a box of wacky prizes, fun bingo cards, and a lot of Catholic humor. In this interactive bingo show, everyone actually plays bingo, and still learns a little something about what it means to be Catholic!

Guaranteed to be an evening of tremendous humorous fun that you’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have to be careful watching your bingo cards!

Go ahead…. resurrect your social life in this guaranteed night of divine entertainment! Be a witness to one of the greatest comedy shows back by popular demand on island!

More fun than Sodom and Gomorrah!!

So much fun, you’ll have to confess it!!!